geology of virginia project

Included in the project should be the following:

Discuss the overall geologic history of Virginia. The following geologic events must be detailed in content and explanation to assure that you understand:

  • Grenville Orogeny
  • Rodinia Supercontinent
  • Break-up of Rodinia and formation of the Iapetus (proto-Atlantic) Ocean
  • Taconic Orogeny
  • Acadian Orogeny
  • Alleghenian Orogeny
  • Pangaea Supercontinent
  • Formation of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Chesapeake Bay Meteorite Impact
  • Map of Virginia’s geologic provinces
  • General explanation of the following from each of the Provinces:
    • General rock types found in each province
    • How each province differs in geologic structure (folds, flat layers, topography)
    • How each province differs in geologic age
  • Maps/Diagrams/Pictures are a must!
  • Three reference minimum required

Format: NO POWERPOINT!!!! But, you can create: A digital poster, a Prezi, write a research paper, a blog post, a screen-cast; there are so many creative software options available for free!

I have attached the additional information in uploaded files.

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