Gerontology class

Thus far, we have explored the meaning of aging and changes that take place physically and cognitively. I would like you to do some research and find an example of an older person who has busted the myths of old age. For example: may find examples profiled on Youtube, Ted Talks, or legitimate news sources.What does your example say about his/her aging experience? Do you detect an over-riding philosophy that guides his/her life? Relate the story to one or more of the aging theories we have discussed.Follow the writing guidelines outlined in the course syllabus. This writing should be a min of 750 words. Be sure to connect the story with topics and controversies covered in the course.I suggest an outline that is similar to this:1. Introduce your subject (age, career, where he/she lives, family, etc.)2. Discuss examples given about successes and accomplishments in their older age3. Discuss personal philosphies4. Relate the story to concepts/controversies discussed thus far in Sasser and Moody5. Conclusion

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