global justice movement paper easy

Report on Website: The assignment will be to explore the websites for various Global Justice Movement organizations.

You should choose and explore at LEAST FIVE global justice movement websites from the list below:

For this assignment you will need to spend a number of hours on the web exploring these websites. Reading some of the articles and commentaries, and gaining an understanding of some of the popular literature and features on the web that have to do with the theme of globalization and resistance.

Then you will write up a report, between 5-8 pages approximately double spaced 12 point font ASA citation, on your experience and your analysis of the exercise.

It should be a wide-ranging analytical discussion. You should draw on course readings, lectures, and other materials to analyze the content of these web sites, relating that content to the course and what you have learned. Demonstrate your analytical prowess and ability to apply what you have learned in the course.

Relate your analytical paper to Global Justice Movement.

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