Grand Sud Distribution –

Grand Sud Distribution
Paper details:
The course name is: Business Models for Decision Making.
We used ‘solver’ in excel in class.
Please read instructions in the attachment sheet. An executive can’t make the right compromise unless you first tell him what right is” 1944, Alfred
Sloan, Jr. GM Corporation, CEO.
You have been approached by the GSD management team to optimize their distribution system.
1. Analyze the distribution process at GSD. For that
a. Assess the ”current” situation and quantify their ”current” profit
b. Suggest more optimal (better) approach(es).
c. Compare all these approaches. Conclude.
2. Run the sensitivity report. Come up with clear suggestions at an (i.) operational ii.) tactical and
iii.) strategical levels that GSD should undertake in order to improve their profitability
The following outline is suggested.
1. Executive summary
2. Introduction (brief background).
3. Analysis based on 1. and especially 2. above
4. Conclusion
You should include in the document all tables needed to make your analysis clear. Make sure to
give the right time for the sensitivity analysis. Try to have your report the least technical possible
yet rigorous and clear. You can include an appendix that will include all additional information
(more technical if needed).
Analyze and model the distribution process and come up with well thought of suggestions for
GSD in the short, medium and long terms.
Each group should submit a report based on a word document as well as a detailed and well
organized excel file. The word document HAS to be self sufficient i.e. it is possible that I send these
to be corrected by consulting partners, to whom I will explain the limited time and scope of the
case. The Excel file will be only used to check your technical abilities

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