Grid Computing –

Grid computing is gaining prominence and there are several well-established, robust commercial applications in place leveraging the wide range of technologies that are undergoing massive functionality upgrades such as processors, hard drives and RAM. The Web services-based applications that reside within these computing clouds provide secure, scalable, cost effective, and reliable environments for a wide range of business units to house their IT infrastructure.
To prepare for this project, research the Internet for information on Grid computing. The following Web sites may be helpful in your search:
• National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid
• Oracle Grid Computing
• The Globus Alliance
Watch the supplemental video, ” Cutting Edge Technology Within Healthcare IT.”
The Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment has been considered one to be of the most successful and well-respected environments of its kind within the global community.
Using either the following AWS applications or others of your choosing, examine how 5 applications can be used within an IT application framework.
• Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2™)
• Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3™)
• Amazon CloudFront™
• Amazon SimpleDB™
• Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS™)
In a 2–3page report written in APA style:
• Describe the costs associated with operating each IT application and how data would be stored.
• Explain how security is ensured.
• Describe how each application delivers value to the others
• Resources Overview
During Week 3, you will use a variety of resources, both required and supplemental, including various Web and video resources. The Weekly Schedule (a navigation link under Week 3) outlines the resources you will need to participate in the Discussion and complete the Application and Project.
This page contains the Learning Resources for this week. Be sure to scroll down the page to see all of this week’s assigned Learning Resources. To access select media resources, please use the media players below.
Video: Week 3 Overview
Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 15 minutes.
This video provides an introduction to the week’s resources and assignments.
Accessible player
Web Resource
Amazon Web Services
This site provides computing power for small and large organizations for fees, depending on the usage. You can learn more about the multiple services offered and read case studies and white papers and access tutorials.
Web Resource
Application Integration in Enterprise Portals
This article describes how enterprise portals can be used as single points of access to applications and allow not just for the presentation of information, but also for a deeper level of interoperability. By using enterprise-wide portals, information can be shared between applications.
This article discusses how Natural Language Processing (NLP) is being used today and the potentials for it. NLP is much more than speech-recognition, and this Web site links to a number of articles that explore the capabilities for using NLP in Artificial Intelligence. Use this Web site to support the Application this week.
Web Resource
Explore one vendor’s enterprise portal management solution. This site gives examples of the different types of portals and tools available for the health care industry.
Web Resource
National Cancer Institute (NCI) Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid
This is the Web site for the cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG), a National Cancer Institute (NCI) initiative to speed research discoveries and improve patient outcomes by linking researchers, physicians, and patients throughout the cancer community. Explore the links under the Capabilities menu item.
Web Resource
Oracle Grid Computing
This Web site describes Oracle’s Grid computing products. Grid computing enables groups of networked computers to be pooled so multiple applications can share resources. If you wish to register on the site, you can also watch a Webcast or read whitepapers on best practices in Grid computing.
Web Resource
Tech That Translates Doctors’ Orders
This article from Fortune Magazine discusses how Natural Language Processing (NLP) is being used in the medical industry to incorporate doctors’ notes into Electronic Health Records (EHR). Read more about how NLP is helping to overcome some of the barriers that have slowed the conversion to EHRs.
Web Resource
The Globus Alliance
This is the Web site for the Globus Alliance, an international collaboration that conducts research and development to create fundamental Grid technologies. This collaboration lets people from different companies and regions share computing power, databases, and other online tools.
Video: Laureate Education (Producer). (2009). Cutting edge technology within healthcare IT [Video file]. Retrieved from
Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 2 minutes.
Dr. Vincent Grasso discusses how the cutting edge health care IT applications introduced throughout the course will impact the delivery of care worldwide. Current projects are presented, as well as a view into cutting edge university-based research and development.
Accessible player
Please follow the Rubrics
Week 3 Project: Grid Computing Assessment Rubric
• (4 Points) Exceptional, complete, clear, exceeds performance indicators
• (3 Points) Excellent, complete, meets performance indicators
• (2 Points) Approaching performance indicators, missing some detail, not fully developed
• (1 Point) Developing competence, vague, weak, needs more detail
• (0 Points) Not present
Points Earned
Applications—The submission includes an explanation of how the 5 applications examined can be used within an IT application framework.
Costs and Data Storage—The report details the costs associated with operating each application and how data would be stored.
Security— The report explains how security is ensured.
Value— The submission describes how each application delivers value to the others.
Form and Style—The 2–3page report is written in APA style, with consistent style and flow.
Team Member Contributions—The document identifies the contributions made by each member of the group

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