health care

Laboratory Technician: Scientific laboratory technicians are involved in the process of carrying out biological and chemical investigations aimed at providing scientific data that can be used in medical research or treatment. The activities include testing, sampling, measuring, and recording pieces of data. As such, scientific laboratory technicians in Saudi Arabia take part in instrumental work that enables the development of scientific technology including advancement of modern medicine. Much of the work of laboratory technicians takes place in educational institutions, hospitals, and other forms of medical facilities as part of the research processes. Educational background required includes a diploma or degree in Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Forensic Science, or Environmental Science. Salary will range from 60,000 to 80,000 riyal annually.
Emergency Medical Technician: Emergency medical technicians (EMTs) are trained health professionals responsible for responding to urgent medical situations such as accident scenes, traumatic injuries, and other forms of medical urgencies. They are able to carry out emergency procedures within mobile vehicles such as ambulances. EMTs need to have a high school diploma and a degree in EMT, as well as training. They are also required to be physically fit in order to carry out emergency procedures effectively. The annual average salary of an EMT ranges from 100,000 to 110,000 riyal.
Anesthesiologist /Anesthesia Technician: place of work- salary- education: The role of the anesthesiologist includes preparing medical equipment, particularly anesthetics. The profession also entails providing medical assistance during anesthetic procedures (Learn4Good). It also includes making orders and maintaining inventory of the anesthetic medical supplies within the health facility. Educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Anesthesia, Nursing, or Health Care. Annual salary ranges from 100,000 to 105,000 riyal.

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