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Hello, The course HCA 205 Introduction to Health Care. The U.S. healthcare system is diverse and complex. This course will provide you with foundational knowledge on how it functions within the confines of the country. About the text I don’t think I can able to share the text because you have to log into School portal and I cannot give that to you.. BY THE WAY I NEED HELP ON MY DQ 1 and DQ 2 assignment is due next week. MY fee will be $ 30.00. So can you be able to help me. PLEASE AND THANK YOU

There are four specific reimbursement methods in our healthcare system. For this discussion, you will make your initial post on one of the four methods of reimbursement and will make responses to two of the other three methods of reimbursement posted by your classmates. The reimbursement method you will be discussing in your initial post depends on the first initial of your last name. See the table below, and then post an argument on your topic that explains why your method of reimbursement is the best method for the U.S. healthcare system. You and each of your classmates will also post rebuttals to one person from two of the other methods – staying focused on the argument for your specific reimbursement method. For help, review the Understanding Insurance Models game in the Chapter 3 Summary section of your textbook.

Students with last names starting with A–H are assigned to Method 1. Support fee-for-service throughout this discussion; submit rebuttals to two of the other Methods (2, 3, or 4).
Your original post should be at least 250 words with at least two scholarly sources that support your view. Your rebuttals should be at least 150 words with at least one scholarly source supporting your rebuttal.
Example: You are assigned to Method 1— fee-for-service. Your original post discusses why the fee-for-service model is best for the U.S. healthcare system. Your response posts will refute two of the other methods on the other topics by stating why fee-for-service is better than capitation, pay-for-performance, or the value-based model. You need to include justification for your response.
Method 1: Fee-For-Service (last names A-H)
In your initial post:
• Examine how this reimbursement model has positively influenced the overall health care system.
• Identify how this reimbursement model evolved as a solid and crucial part of the health care system.
• Determine how this reimbursement model has positively influenced cost, quality, and access of care.
Guided Response: Review at least two of the other methods posted by your classmates. Respond to at least two of your classmates who have posted an argument for two of the other methods. In your responses,:
• Examine how your classmates’ model has a more negative influence on the health care system than the other models.
• Identify how your classmates’ model has a weaker foundation for being part of the health care system (i.e., historical value of yours vs. theirs).
• Determine how your classmates’ model has negatively influenced cost, quality, and access of care in comparison to your model.

Delivery of health care is provided in a variety of settings by a diverse group of health care professionals. Physicians and nurses comprise the majority of the health care workforce; however there are far more professionals that encompass the field of healthcare. Review the Healthcare Roles Gallery Tour to view numerous positions within the health care field.

Choose two professions in health care from Chapter 4. Do not select a physician or nurse. Research your chosen two careers further and tell a day-in-the-life story for both professionals. Within your story, identify two critical issues that this individual would face on their job.

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