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Langston Hughes poem “Too Blue” is very depressing and sad. It even is dreary just like the title of the poem. This poem is seeming like the narrator is trying to describe his own feeling of loneness in his life and how he can’t change his life and that it will be like this most his life. He doesn’t get how to change it and he said “I got those sad of weary blues. / I don’t know where to turn / I don’t know were to go” (1-3). Throughout the whole poem they hinted what the feeling was. The poet in this poem makes it seem that they want to die because it said “Shall I take a gun / And put myself away?” (8-9), and it also goes on saying “Nobody cares about you / When you sink so low” (4-5). this being said we know that the person is alone. Another part in the poem that meant the poet would be said was “One bullet would do? / As hard as my head is/ It would probably take two” (11-13). It’s like he feels that he is very useless to the word and anyone around him. Since the poet doesn’t have a gun it makes him feel like he is the poor one. Why we can say that is because of it saying “But I ain’t got / Neither bullet nor gun” (14-15). The poet shouldn’t talk down about his self even though he does and thats why It makes it even more sad and dreary.

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