history of disability

Assignment #2: History of Disability Directions


For this assignment you are required to write a paper exploring the history of developmental disabilities using the “Parallels in Time: A History of Developmental Disabilities” website: http://www.mnddc.org/parallels/index.html. Be sure to use appropriate, respectful language throughout your paper.

Your assignment should include the following components:

  1. A minimum 500-word Summary discussing the 3 topics/time periods of your choice (You can choose from Part 1 or 2). Please titleeach section in your summary; and
  2. A minimum 250- word Personal Reaction about what you learned and how you felt learning about the treatment and history of people with developmental disabilities; and
  3. A minimum of 250-word responseon How This Relates to The Course information covered so far.

Formatting your paper (See page 2 for example)

  • Times New Roman, Size 12 font
  • Double-Spaced
  • 1.0 Margins
  • Indention first sentence of each paragraph
  • Title for each section (Summary, Personal Reflection, How Information Relates to the Course)

Submitting your paper:

You must upload your assignment to Blackboard using the “Submit” button in the “Assignments” folder. We will not accept email attachments or links to a digital dropbox file under any circumstances. Please contact your instructors if you have any problems.

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