history of the automobile the relationship between american muscle cars gender and masculinity essay 1

Your final project relies on your interpretation of primary sources, supported by secondary material from our syllabus — along with additional secondary sources if you feel you need them. Projects will be 6-7 page research paper. Research papers must use at least 3 primary sources from outside our course, and 5 secondary sources from our syllabus.

Research papers must have clear arguments. Your argument should be concise and sharply constructed, just like the arguments you created for our 4 page papers. The argument helps us understand what’s new, interesting, and important about your project. Research papers should deliver an argument by the first or second paragraph.

All citations must be in Chicago Style. Research papers should use footnotes, with a bibliography page at the end. Museum exhibits should use endnotes, with references on the very last page, and should include citations for both secondary sources and the images you’re using. This means no parenthetical citations (such as (McCarthy 56)), anywhere.

Research paper writers: your 3 primary sources must be substantial enough to tell the story you want to tell. This doesn’t necessarily mean 3 full length books. But a few 100-word newspaper articles won’t be enough either. Be creative: you can count a small collection of articles from a single newspaper as one source, or a group of letters from a single correspondence, and you can mix and match sources. But you must have enough material to support your main argument, and to give you something to interpret for the full 6-7 pages. And make sure you absolutely know the difference between a primary and a secondary source!

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