Hmong Children and Families –

Hmong Children and Families
Imagine that you are working for Merced Lao Family Community Inc. which serves Hmong children and families. You are asked to educate your colleagues on an issue that is specific to Hmong children and families that was presented in your text, “The Spirit Catches You…..”. Discuss the following in 3-4 pages:
1. From your text “The Spirit Catches You”, identify a negative outcome for Hmong children and families and connect to a system in the Brofenbrenner model. Research the history of the problem and summarize it in 2-3 paragraphs.
2. Analyze similarities and differences among human experiences and perspectives in Laos, the US, and a third country of your choice. Draw conclusions about the significance and consequences of these similarities and differences (i.e. how these perspectives impact children and families
3. Explain how the Lao economic and social patterns may have a global impact beyond their effects on individual lives (i.e. how does it affect the lives of the Lao people who live in the US)
4. What behavioral competencies did the Merced doctors and the Lee family develop/possess for effective interpersonal and inter-ethnic group interaction in recognizing the dynamics of racial hierarchies and power relations. How did this affect the child, Lia Lee?
5. Reflection – explain how your view of the world is not universally shared. Give examples of how other cultures/countries may view the same situation/your perception/beliefs. This section may be written in first person.
_________5 points. Theory. The paper connects examples of negative outcomes from the text and clearly defines and explains the connection to the Brofenbrenner Model and the history of the problem.
_________5 points. Content The paper includes a comprehensive discussion of items 2, 3& 4.
_________5 points. Reflection. The paper includes a comprehensive discussion of item 5.
_________5 points. Organization , Grammar, and APA style. 4 References. Information is organized (intro, body, conclusion) with well-constructed paragraphs/sentences, appropriate grammar and punctuation. No first person. Separate cover page, abstract, running header, page numbered, separate reference page, citations in text, minimum of four academic references.

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