hospital healthcare issues surge capacity amp capability triage mass fatality

DB Question: Briefly discuss the importance of mass fatality care.



– Minimum 400 words, 4 paragraphs

– Use proper APA6 format

– use more than 3 credible sources

Reading Assignments

Attached Files:

Hick, Barbera, Kelen, DMPHP, June 2009 (S) (John L. Hick, Joseph A. Barbera and Gabor D. Kelen (2009). Refining Surge Capacity: Conventional, Contingency, and Crisis Capacity. Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness, 3, pp S59-S67. doi:10.1097/DMP.0b013e31819f1ae2.) (See attachment)

Ciottonech 35, 54

Koenig ch 3

The next is a one-page statement regarding surge from The American College of Emergency Physicians.—Practice-Managemen…

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