how an organisation dealt with (or is dealing with) a reputation issue. –

how an organisation dealt with (or is dealing with) a reputation issue.
You will select a case study dealing with how an organisation dealt with (or is dealing with) a
reputation issue. This can be sourced either from published cases or from news media
reports. The organisation can be a corporation, a government agency, or a non-profit group.
The organisation does not need to have dealt with the issue entirely successfully: one can
learn from failure as well as success. Your analysis must focus on lessons to be learned for
future handling of similar issues and be written as a report to the chief executive of the
organisation concerned from you as Corporate Reputation Manager. No set ”report” format
is required: use one with which you may be familiar, or ask your lecturer for guidance. Your
analysis should cover the following topics:
Background to the issue (such as, what was the context in which the issue arose,
who were the key players, what were their concerns or demands).
The organisation’s assessment of the reputation issue; how it responded, and the
rationale/s for its response.
The role of public relations in developing the organisational response.
The results of the organisation’s response.
Recommendations for the future.
Your analysis must be supported by a minimum of four academic references. You are
expected to apply the academic sources you cite to support your case, not merely to list
them at the end (this means providing in-text references as well as a reference list). For the
purposes of this assignment, an academic reference is a citation from a book, scholarly
journal, or technical report. Informal comments such as blog posts or commentary by
companies and organisations promoting their particular viewpoints will not count as
academic references but may be cited in addition to the core four you must provide. The
library provides a guide to Harvard referencing style at style.html.and you are expected
to follow it. A portion of the marks for this assignment will be allocated not only to the
provision of the required references but also to correct referencing style. Your assignment

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