if you understand well in politics then come if not do not please because this one page paper need somebody know well how to write politics paper and not plagiarize please the one page paper out of 100 depend on some readings

The topic for the one-page paper that is due on Tuesday is the consolidation of all five fundamental conceptions of Epicurean political theory: How does Epicurean political theory reflect the Epicurean conceptions of ethics, anthropology, epistemology, and ontology? The topic of the exam on Friday, December 9th is the same for either the Classical tradition or the Classical Christian tradition. This is the end or final cause of the course.

ules/Guidelines for One-Page Papers.

  1. The paper must, of course, be typed and submitted as a hard copy. Nothing handwritten or emailed will be accepted.
  2. The only sources to be used or consulted are your notes and the assigned readings—no other primary or secondary materials—written or oral, internet, paper, or personal—may be used or consulted. This is essentially a closed-book exam.
  3. The absolute limit is one page. I will not read anything that is not on that one page. Use a twelve point font, preferably Times New Roman, Univers, Garamond, or CG Times, black ink, double-spaced, and the default page margins: typically one inch all around.
  4. A title page is required. To the one page paper, attach a title page like the one I show you in class. Use only your Marymount Student I.D. number—NOT YOUR NAME. YOUR NAME SHOULD NOT APPEAR ANYWHERE ON THE TITLE PAGE OR ANYPLACE ELSE ON THE PAPER. I WANT COMPLETE ANONYMITY. If you violate this anonymity rule, I will not accept the paper and you will receive a zero.
  5. Use the footnote format that I explain below and in class. You must have at least five footnotes.
  6. Do not begin the paper with a restatement of the topic. You do not have enough space for wasted words, so get right into a thesis statement and your supporting statements.
  7. The deadline is the beginning of class on Tuesday, December 6th. This means you must come to class: do not put it in the rack on my office door. Do not try to give it to me after class.
  8. I will ratchet up the grading of the papers: (1) the grade on the first paper/writing sample was based upon (a) following the directions, (b) making a good faith effort, and (c) reflecting the readings in your argument; (2) the grade on the second paper will count the writing & content equally so a paper with lousy writng but good content (or vice-versa) might pass, and (3) the writing and content counted together on this third paper so a paper with more than three errors will fail regardless of content.

The purpose of the references, in addition to avoiding plagiarism, is to enable the reader to find the exact passage you are quoting or paraphrasing or otherwise referring to. For this paper these are the only sources for you to use or to cite: (1) the assigned readings from Lucretius, On the Nature of the Universe (cited by book and line numbers); (2) the assigned readings from Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan (cited by chapter number); and (3) the assigned readings from Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Discourse on the Origin of Inequality (cited by paragraph number).

Remember the footnote is placed AFTER the last mark of punctuation in the sentence, and the second quotation mark goes AFTER the final period of the sentence. For example: The Frankforts said, “Symbols are treated the same way.”1 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET THIS SEQUENCE CORRECT: (1) the FINAL MARK OF PUNCTUATION, (2) then the END QUOTATION MARK, and (3) then the FOOTNOTE. Also, as I explained to you in our individual meetings, you must use “Ibids” in this paper, too. Here are some sample footnotes:

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