How to write an excellent academic essay

In simple terms, an academic essay is an organized way of writing learners go through their studies at college, school, and university. The main objective of such writing is to bring onboard new details and information. It can also be used to give exquisite ideas by use of existing knowledge and facts. Furthermore, it allows students to show their creativity. Additionally, it helps them to relay ideas easily through ideas. However, essays are short and precise compared to other types of writing. Also, it delivers the writer’s justification to support their reasoning.

Types of academic essays

Despite sharing the same formats, academic essays can be classified into four different categories:

  1. Narrative essay

In this form of writing, the writer has to develop a captivating story of anything conceivable. In simpler terms, it is a shorter version of a novel. First, this way of writing shows the creativity of the learner. It is important to make use of plausible adjectives. Besides, this helps the readers understand the point of view of the author. It also helps in dissecting the main topic of the essay. Therefore, clarity in delivering the message is necessary. Furthermore, inserting a concealed meaning in the essay makes the readers curious to read more.

  1. Descriptive essay

In simple terms, the author comes up with an experience, emotion, or idea and narrates it to the audience. Therefore, creativity is key. The intention is to give a pictorial illustration of the story to the readers. Besides, the choice of words is important. The main objective of these essays is to spark emotions. Furthermore, help the reader connect with the topic of the paper. Additionally, the essay should employ the use of simple language.

  1. Expository essay

In this type of writing, the author should provide facts and details. Furthermore, it is a requirement to give the sources the information in the essay is obtained from. Additionally, it does not require the author to give individual opinions. Make sure the information in the essay is factual. The main objective of the author is to provide particulars and clear judgment.

  1. Persuasive essay

This entails the author selling an idea to the readers. The reasoning behind the academic essay should be understandable. This is to ensure that the readers believe the story as the truth. Additionally, serve your ideas in a less pushy manner.

Steps in writing an excellent academic essay

  • Introduction

academic essayThe writer requires to be given a well-defined topic or question to embark on writing about. On some occasions, the assignment is too complex to come up with a topic all by yourself. Furthermore, you can enquire for help from a professional writer on how to choose a topic. Finally, during the bidding process, you can enquire about a topic with the writer you settle for.

The introduction lays out the tone of the rest of the entire essay. First, begin the introductory paragraph with a strong sentence. This helps in grasping the mind of the reader and encouraging them to read further. Secondly, provide the reader with an overview of the main topic of discussion in your essay. Furthermore, outline the background data to help the audience grasp what the paper will capture as the paper progresses. Finally, come up with a thesis statement. This is the main argument, idea, or concept.

  • Main body

This is the source of information for your audience. It usually bears the most of your essay with about five paragraphs. First, the major points should be stated in the order they appear. Additionally, justify your thesis statement with facts and arguments. It is important to maintain focus to avoid deviating from the main points. Besides, the body’s main objective is to answer the thoughts that cross the reader’s mind while reading. As you progress, every point brought across should bring the audience closer to grasping the main argument. Furthermore, the main aim is to ensure they have an in-depth understanding of the author’s main topic.

  • Conclusion

A good author should provide a strong finish at the end of writing their academic essay. Furthermore, the reader might not be in a position to remember the contents of the first paragraph. Therefore, it is important to recapture the same in conclusion.


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