hrm402 case 1

Overview of this Section 4 of the 4-Module Case Project:

You are just about to complete the four Case assignments in this class. Congratulations on preparing, section by section, one large project. You are practicing what you have learned by planning and conducting a training program following the ADDIE model.

Section 4—Evaluation (Include Sections 1, 2, & 3 above your Section 4 before you submit your assignment to the Case 4 dropbox.)

Having the prior sections all in one paper shows how the phases build upon each other and also makes the paper easier to write and review. As you recall, only the section due for a specific module will be graded in that module, since the prior sections were graded previously in their respective dropboxes.

Case Assignment

Continue with the training topic you selected for Case 1. (The ADDIE steps are explained in the Gardner videos presented on each of the Module’s Background pages).

Walk through, step by step, the Evaluation phase of the ADDIE model, covering everything in detail. Be as specific as possible. If there is unknown information, make logical assumptions to fill in the information needed and include a section in your paper showing the assumptions you made. Bring in at least one source found outside of your course materials to help build your paper (be sure to cite sources).

Phase: Evaluation

  1. Formative Evaluation
  2. Summative Evaluation
  • Apply the four steps of the Kirkpatrick model.
  • Figure and discuss the components of ROI of your training program.

Once you have completed this last phase of the ADDIE Model including the ROI, submit your paper to the Case 4 dropbox by the assignment due date.

Assignment Expectations

Your 4-page submission will be assessed on:

The criteria found in the grading rubric for this assignment:

  • Meets assignment requirements
  • Critical thinking
  • Writing and assignment organization
  • Use of sources and mechanics
  • Timeliness of assignment
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