i need help with my lab report

Content: 80%INTRODUCTION: 25%●Introduces the topic of the experiment, with sufficient background information to exhibit a clear understanding of the material covered●States major objectives clearly●States HYPOTHESIS properlyplease incluse the mportance of ATP AND HOW THE MUSCLE CONTRACTS.MATERIALS AND METHODS: 10%●Includes all materials used through the entire experiment (Use complete sentences. Do not just make a list of materials)●Describes all procedures as they were performed in paragraph form with complete sentences (NOT as a recipe or as written in the lab manual)RESULTS: 15%●Explains clearly and concisely, in paragraph form, data and observations (Do not explain or interpret your data, just state the results)●Displays relevant graphs/tables/diagrams (Results are always written out first then you show your graph or table, if applicable) Be sure to reference all graphs/tables/diagrams in the written portion of the RESULTSDISCUSSION and CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS/APPLICATIONS 30%●Discusses how results support or fail to support hypothesis●Explains and interprets the data/observations●Explains possible sources of error●Describes how information might have practical uses in a clinical setting●Formulates further experiments to test hypothesis, or proposes a new hypothesis and experiment (based on observations in current experiment)LITERATURE CITED●Properly lists all reference books, articles and websites used to write the report (See syllabus for examples)Format: 20%GENERAL: 15%●The report has a descriptive title●Materials and Methods are written in paragraph form with complete sentences●Each graph/table has a descriptive title●Axes of graphs are properly labeled●Sections are properly titled●Length is 3-6 double-spaced pages●References are cited correctly in the body of the paper and in the LITERATURE CITED section●The report and each section are logically organizedENGLISH: 5%●Grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation are used correctly and consistently●The report is written in third person

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