ideology ii and settings amp decor costumes amp hair make up discussion 15

After reading the lecture in this Module, doing the assigned book reading, and viewing Her (2013), please post one initial post responding to the prompt below.

Additionally please also respond to a MINIMUM of two other classmates’ posts. Your responses should include more than just “I like your post”. You need to explain why.

In one to two FULL paragraphs, analyze the ideology in Her (2014) and comment on the statement you think Director Spike Jonze is trying to make. Be sure to back up your assertions by referring to content from the film.

In one to two FULL paragraphs, analyze the symbolic function of the settings & décor as well as the costumes, hair, and make-up. Be sure to comment on the characteristics covered in this Module and the reading.

Be sure to organize your post clearly, showing the two separate parts and focus your analysis on the topics of this Module.

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