illustrate the team’s progress in the project –

contact any company in Saudi Arabia and do the project with them and if you have any Qs ask them and capture everything and send that to me because ill be asked for that second
every section has different color nd when you write the research give every part its color
Objective: The purpose of the submission of this report is to illustrate the team’s progress in the project. All the topics discussed so far (as applicable to each individual team) need to be addressed. Following is a list of items and questions you can use as guide to write your report.
1. Topic and justification:
a. Explain what area of work in building science is of interest to each of you that has motivated the topic?
b. Explain why is this research relevant?
2. The research question
a. Write down your 3 key research question proposals to guide your research
b. Identify methods to research them
c. Explain how the proposal links to an application
3. Survey:
a. Identify main areas of research and industry demand (as applicable to your topic)
b. Identify relevant building Science projects of your interest (analyze pros and cons)
c. Identify major sources of information on your topic (journals, magazines, etc.)
d. Identify 10 key reading articles relevant to your project
e. Include a mind map linking the topic, research questions, requirements for investigation and information available.
4. Get industry involved
a. Identify companies/ organizations working on your research area
b. Progress contacting them
5. Demonstrate proper use of Research methods and principles
a. What is the purpose of your research? (exploratory, descriptive or explanatory)
b. What research methodology are you going to apply?
c. Include your proposal for experimental design if applicable
d. Identify challenging questions
6. Identify key elements of a research proposal
a. Rationalize your hypothesis and your independent/ dependent variables? Or what are you trying to explain?
b. Explain the concepts you are using; what indicators/variables will you need to measure these?
c. Explain the assumptions you are making in researching your question.
d. Use a diagram to demonstrate alignment of scope, goals, feasibility and relevance
e. Define what success means for your project?
f. Discuss technical feasibility
7. Identify requirements to carry out the research
a. Identify needs (materials, equipment, apparatus, labs, knowledge/training, time)
b. Set delivery of the project including stages with progressive deadlines (these are tentative, once you start more concrete work you will have a better idea for timing)
c. Identify external constraints
d. Identify funding sources to carry out the project
e. Discuss economic feasibility (according to budget)and time line feasibility

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