imagining your gender –

imagining your gender
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imagining yourself wake up in the next morning with different gender.
i am a female, imagining myself wake up in the next day turning to male!!!!
in this hypothetical, we will explore the meaning of gender and the meaning particular genders(feminine, masculine, trans, intersex) have for us. initially we’re going to rely on your everyday notions and assumptions about gender. assume in your hypothetical situation that those around you-family and friend-have always known you as this new gender. this way we can focus on the meaning of the change-to you. begin your paper with your reactions to the first day and your normal routines but the move on to consider what you will encounter as you settle into this new identity/body and speculate on how the course of your life might be altered.
you should begin with a typical day and imagine how different your life might become. expand and explore how the course of your life might change. in developing your thoughts, consider these question:
describe how your experiences on the first day after awakening to the change.
how might your daily life routines become different?
describe how your behavior might become different?
how might other respond to you differently? who would most do so? what would change in their expectations of you?
what new expectations will you have for those around you? what new expectations might others have for you?
imagine how you might approach sexual desires and romantic or intimate relationships. what might you want to do with life now? what do you imagine your sexual identity will be now?
how might your “public”life change-your work and job, meeting, in stores, academic, and how you maneuver in public settings with strangers?
how might you’re the course of your life be altered if this change was permanent? (use this to warp-up your paper at this point.)
treat the questions above as prompts for things to think about and to write about, but a good paper will do more than answer and address the bare minimum. think about the many possible ways your life might take a turn in different direction and many challenges involved in adapting to your new identity and body.

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