impact of policy changes on manufacturing importing and exporting and consumer prices in the united states 1

Policy changes both at home and abroad can have major impacts on the price of goods in the United States, the demand for our products abroad, the supply and price of goods we generally import from outside the US and employment rates. Additionally, we sometimes see a ripple effect when one country makes a policy change in the name of saving jobs and other countries retaliate with similar or even more extreme policy changes. For this discussion, you are tasked with finding an article or television segment discussing either a US or foreign policy change that is having some type of impact on the manufacturing process, price of goods and employment rates in the US. I am going to ask that you only look at this discussion in terms of policy and not through the often-divisive lens of politics. Please copy and paste your article into the discussion forum or the link if it is a television segment. Additionally, please summarize what the policy is that is being discussed and how it is impacting manufacturing in this country. Again, I am expecting you focus on the facts only and they are impacting the manufacturing, sales of our goods (both home and abroad), prices we are paying for imported goods, and employment. I would also like you to discuss what you believe the future impacts of these policies will have.

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