India –

Gita Govinda / Mahabharata
Projects: Choose ONE
Search for a really worthwhile web site about Indian theater traditions. Study that web site to find material about theater, then write a three page essay describing either a specific theater or a theater tradition unique to India. What is the influence of this tradition or theater and how does it effectively reflect the culture we studied. Include the web site address and copy and paste some of the pictures you find on the site.
Do a little research on “Bollywood,” the Indian film industry. You could profile a director or a film, if you choose to watch one, and discuss how Bollywood values reflect Indian culture and/or theater. Illustrate!
Create a museum exhibit by using PowerPoint (or similar program) on a specific theme related to Indian theater or dance traditions. This would mean researching a company or region, finding about 15 illustrations and then writing a good text for each picture, as if you were posting them next to the art in a museum. You would, in effect, be telling about the company or tradition, selecting and describing art, architecture, costumes, etc. as needed, and writing the brief text to accompany the pictures. Get the idea?
All projects should be submitted as an attachment to this project in eCampus or as email to me in Word.
Double-spaced text of 500 to 750 words or more (2-3 pages).
Always include a Works Cited section at the end of your project.
Inserted pictures should be in addition to the required length.
In all cases, be creative and try to reflect what you learned from the chapter and films to inform your project. Ask questions: What’s worth knowing about this subject? What’s interesting about this culture? How does this culture reflect the greater world community? How does religious faith influence the culture and its theatre and drama? What more would you like to know? Explore and find out and share with me!
If you have questions or are confused about anything, please ask me!
For all projects, I expect you to include a good selection of illustrations, pasted into your essay or PowerPoints. WHY? Because I want to see what you see and what you looked at and what you would like me to see based on your explorations.

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