Industrial Heights In Sentinel City.


Running head: COMMUNITY HEALTH PLAN: Your Community











Your Title. Should include Community Name

Your Name













This section is the introduction and should briefly talk about Community Health Assessments. Introduce your Sentinel City community and what this paper is about.


Using your eight social determinants of health, discuss the living condition within your community. This should be relatively brief. Present your finding from the previous assignments.


From the information you discussed above, analysis the information as the overall health of the community. What are the strengths and the challenges of the community? Describe the data you found that directly relates to the health concern you believe exist for your chosen community. This data can be obtained from your tables and should also be included in table format in your appendix.

Make the connection between your community major health concerns and the Healthy People 2020 objectives.

Nursing Diagnosis

You may have to brush up writing nursing diagnoses. Once you identified the leading challenge for the community, write as a nursing diagnosis. Here is a link to help you figure some out–





In this section, you will detail your plan for improvement for you community. Include the information gained from Social Determinate worksheet to build the plan. Include the people you will work with, for example, the mayor, the police, the church, etc. Plans should be detailed, realistic (funding and supplies type of stuff), time limited, and measurable.


Because this is a simulation, you will not have an actual evaluation, but you will have an evaluation plan. How would you measure the success or needed adjustments to the plan? Did the intervention help correct the issue? How would you know? Explain how these interventions will increase the quality of life for the people that live in your chosen SC community.


Briefly summarize your paper and draw your conclusions. Make observations about the community and its place within Sentinel City. What future do you see for this community?




(Be sure to alphabetize your authors, many of your references should be from the information you used in your weekly SC submissions. Don’t reinvent the wheel.)

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