Influencing Health and Social PolicyWhat are the unmet health care needs you see in your community? What determinants of health are related to these unmet needs and what determinants require action and advocacy efforts? How do your identified issues impact your work and your sphere of influence? Consider some of the following examples that affect communities: various needs of veterans (homelessness, post-traumatic stress), immigration, undocumented workers, medical and/or legalized marijuana, reproductive health care, unemployment, poor environmental conditions, limited access to health care, and lack of heath care. How do these issues impact community health and what is your role in the solution of these issues?To prepare for this Discussion, review the following:AWE Checklist (Level 4000)Discussion Rubric, provided in the Course Information areaThis week’s Writing Resources and Program Success Tools (link to e-guide)This week’s readings in the Resources pertaining to influences on health and social policyBy Day 3 of Week 5Post a response to the following:How do the determinants of health (as listed in the lead-in) impact the health of your community?How does a particular health determinant impact your practice? (You may choose to address a health determinant that is not listed.)As a nursing professional, what can you do about it?What are several ways that you can advocate for change in this area?Why might you choose to not get professionally involved in this area or in others like it?Note Initial Post: A 3-paragraph (at least 350 words) response. Be sure to useevidencefrom the readings and includein-text citations.Utilizeessay-levelwriting practice and skills, including the use oftransitional materialandorganizational frames. Avoid quotes;paraphraseto incorporate evidence into your own writing. Areference listis required. Use the mostcurrent evidence(usually less than or equal to 5 years old).

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