Intelligent Building –

Topic: Intelligent Building
Order Description
Report Brief
The report is to be based upon an existing building and should include the following 2 key
1. Carry out critical appraisals of the current building functionality that optimize the role and
utilization of facilities managers.
? This should be how the building is currently run and identify any issues that
currently exist that a technological solution could potentially solve or how an
extension of the facility managers role within the operation of the building could
lead to a more efficient building.
2. Critically evaluate the technological and functional issues associated with managing and
operating intelligent buildings from a facilities manager’s perspective.
? Leading on from the first deliverable above this should be based on technological
solutions that could be implemented within the building that could potentially result
in a more efficiently run facility and benefit the facility manager. This report should
also identify any possible problems that may arise if a fully computerized system was
employed and what mitigations would be implemented to achieve a smooth running
Marking Criteria
Marking criteria Comment/guidance
Deliverable 1- Is the role of the facility managers
within the chosen building defined and have the aspects of the building that could be optimised with a technological solution been discussed appropriately? 30 Marks
Deliverable 2- How could intelligent building components be implemented within the facility and how will this be managed? 30 Marks
Discussion/Conclusion- How would the implementation of the intelligent building components impact
on the life cycle of the facility? 20 Marks
References- Are references appropriate and well
chosen? 10 Marks

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