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Topic: international business communication
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This project consists of the following components:
Students will research a Business Communication issue. The goal of your paper should be to review a research topic of interest in the Business Communication area.
Example ideas. To review a research topic, a good way to proceed is to focus on a topic that has received a lot of attention, including several meta-analyses. For instance, you could focus on the topic of intercultural, international, or strategic communications. Do not limit yourself to this suggested list.
Your paper could summarize the current state of research, and make suggestions for future research. Being as focused as possible is the best strategy for reviewing prior research.
Compile a reference list, in standard APA style, containing at least 10 articles and other publications related to your choice of research topic. These sources (secondary research) should be reputable, useful, and recent. They need to be cited in the text of the report, again in correct APA style.
Guidelines for submission—the final research paper (due dates TBA or see Syllabus). Each student will hand in a neat, professional-looking research paper consisting of:
1. APA Research paper discusses the topic of your choice (4 pages minimum/maximum) along with a
2. Reference List of at least 10 entries relevant to the presenters’ chosen topic (in flawless APA). Incorrect attribution (citation/documentation) will result in a substantial grade reduction.
3. Include a cover page with your name, date, class information, and professor’s name (does not count towards minimum page numbers).
You will demonstrate information accuracy and competency; that is, the ability to process complex information and to present it meaningfully to the appropriate audience, using a correct citation format. You will complete a research task and compose an APA research paper.
Student Outcomes:
You will learn how to use the library and its resources, conventional as well as electronic. You will apply APA documentation correctly. You will learn how to handle secondary research competently and write, with proper documentation, an informative research paper.
Assessment Measures
I will grade this assignment for thoroughness, accuracy, and clarity of content, proper citation of sources and professional presentation. The sources used in References must be cited in the body of
the research paper. Read the syllabus and the university catalog for a description of plagiarism and cheating. If you aren’t sure what plagiarism is, please ask me or go to, click on Reference and Instruction.
The Bibliographic Information (BI) Sessions provided by the library will be crucial to your success. Attendance is mandatory. If you miss a session, you will need to make arrangements on your own. The librarians will stand by to help you find the necessary sources, both electronic.

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