international expansion 1

Assignment is on Singapore . Check attached for more details

1 – Resource-based and institution-based views to answer why nations trade. The resource-based view portrays a concept that nations trade because some firms in one nation make valuable, unique, and hard-to-imitate exports that firms in other nations benefit by importing. The other concept, the institution-based view, promotes that different laws and regulations governing international trade aim to share gains from trade. Business professionals understand these laws as “rules of the game”.

2. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) refers to directly investing in activities that control and manage value creation in other countries. Global firms or Multi-National Enterprises (MNEs) are firms that engage in FDI. As you read, consider, based on the resource-based and institution-based views, the purposes and reasons for FDI.

3. How FDI results in ownership, location, and internalization advantages. (This is CLO 1 & 2) Not all FDI offshoring means shipping jobs overseas. Some FDI means the right location, being at a strategic place, close to resources or buying markets. Perhaps you read about Singapore and identified that it had the right location, an advantage or strength.

For example, we saw some of these concepts in our case about Cuba. Think about how different concepts from our weekly reading relate to countries as we learn them. Let’s have a glorious week in Singapore!

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