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Review the module content and this article, which discusses the background and differences between Internet Protocol Version Four (IPv4) and Internet Protocol Version Six (IPv6). With this background in mind, please review this article for a more current perspective on IPv6. How are IP addresses used for communication purposes over the internet? What are some of the future challenges faced with using IPv6?

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1) IP addresses are used for networking and providing content. The IPv4 has begun to run out of space so the implementation of IPv6 has also begun to pick up traction, all though not completely reaching all aspect of the internet because of DNS and with this “Happy Eyeballs” was being used. “Happy Eyeballs” is a governing program that will make your browsing easier. From what took the only future challenge that stood out to me was the uncertainty of when and how the internet will evolve to the IPv6.

Cristofer Lemon

2)Thinking about running out of the IPv4 addresses may have seemed like a silly idea at first, but it really is becoming a reality as technology and the need for the Internet grows. IP addresses are a string of numbers used to help identify a computer on the Internet and helps get information to and from it’s destination. There are 4.3 billion possible IPv4 addresses and almost all of them have been taken. When the addresses are changed to IPv6 addresses the IPv4 can’t communicate with it, which means that websites are going to have to update to IPv6 as well or they may not be available. After the complete transition to the IPv6 than the IPv4 will likely become irrelevant.

Has it been 40 years or so since the IPv4 has been introduced? Either way 40 or 50 years doesn’t seem like a long time to consume 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses, that just shows how much the Internet exploded in that time. As technology advances and grows the more devices we connect to the Internet. They’re hoping that the IPv6 will make communication between devices easier and more secure. With as fast as our technology is advancing and the more we need the Internet how long do you guys think it’ll take before they run out of IPv6 addresses?


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