interpret photos explaining what you see and what it suggests about current or past weather

Over this Thanksgiving holiday, take at least four photos of the sky (e.g. clouds, fog, snow) or ground surface / landscape (e.g. frost, dew, wind blowing trees). For example, you know that stratus clouds and cumulus clouds indicate different things about atmospheric stability and suggest different impending weather. Interpret your photos, explaining what you see and what it suggests about current (or past) weather. Feel free to use class lectures, the textbook, online resources (e.g. or or the Weather Underground app on your phone for details (i.e. current weather or forecast) that will assist you in your interpretation. For example, you see cirrus clouds which may or may not be a precursor to a cold front. Use the weather services to see if a front is coming your way (satellite data) or if barometric pressure is dropping (another signal of an approaching front.) If nothing is approaching, those cirrus clouds may simply indicate high-level moisture that is condensing due to the cold temperatures aloft. You can explain this and follow up by explaining whythey look ‘feathery’ (e.g. what this indicates about temperatures aloft and the physical state – solid, liquid, or gas – of the condensing water.)

You can create this photo journal in San Diego, or anywhere that you are traveling to for the Thanksgiving week holiday.

Make sure you provide metadata for each photo: location, time and date.


Create a document with your four (or more photos) with a one-paragraph weather analysis beneath each photo.

I have attached a few photos, please use these photos that I have attached, 4 of them to explain the weather. This weather is for San Diego

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