Interview Using MI and BNI Eliciting Change Talk –

Interview Using MI and BNI Eliciting Change Talk
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Week 5-6 Assignment – SBIRT Interview Using MI and BNI Eliciting Change Talk
SBIRT – Using Motivational Interviewing and Brief Negotiated Intervention in the Field Setting
In your SOWK 7321 – Engagement and Assessment with Hispanic Families course, you were introduced to SBIRT and completed a simulated role play using (Motivational Interviewing, MI) to elicit change talk utilizing Brief Negotiated Intervention (BNI).
The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with a live experience demonstrating the MI and BNI methods. This interaction will NOT be videoed or recorded. However, your Field Instructor will need to be present to observe during the session and provide written feedback on the Field Instructor Observation form listed below under resources. You will need to download this provide it to your Field Instructor.
For this assignment, you will need to complete the following:
Part A- Interview Using MI and BNI Eliciting Change Talk
1. Review this assignment with your Field Instructor by week 2. The OLLU Field Instructor training provides an in-depth training on SBIRT that your Field Instructor would have received when they completed the training. However, it may be helpful to use one of your supervision sessions to review with them the materials and videos provided for this assignment.
2. Pick one of the SBIRT vignettes listed below that best fits with your field education placement agency to use in a roleplay with one of the employees at your placement site. You and your field instructor can review who might be willing to participate in the role play with you, depicting the person detailed in the vignette you choose.
3. During your role play you will be expected to to use Motivational Interviewing (MI) to elicit change talk utilizing Brief Negotiated Intervention (BNI). The volunteer will play the part of the patient based on the information provided in the vignette; you will play the part of the social worker in the situation, setting a context and then assessing the clients using the AUDIT and/or DAST.
4. Your goal is to screen the client for substance use problems or at-risk use and determine their level of risk. Once this is determined, you will share with the client his/her score and zone, as well as the low-risk guidelines for his/her sex and age group. You might want to go back and watch the SBIRT PowerPoints again to familiarize yourself more fully with the assessment process. Watching the Audit Screening videos below might also be useful.
Part B – Summary & Reflection Paper
1. Submit a short, one-page paper, summarizing your interview. Organize the paper in two paragraphs:
o Identify your client’s score on the assessment(s) used and what level of risk the score represents;
o Reflect on how it felt to be in the role of the social worker and how comfortable you felt using the assessment tools.
2. Scan in and submit your Field Instructor’s signed Observation Sheet in the same assignment submission box as your reflection paper – must contain the field instructor’s handwritten signature.
SBIRT Vignettes

• Geriatric – Emergency Room Case Management
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