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Create an IPv6 design for these requirements:
There must be at least 300 networks and no more than 65,000 networks?
What is the most appropriate prefix? _____________
What is the network address, Prefix, gateway and first host address for the first 5 networks?
Design the ACLS for this Scenario
Write the ACL for the following requirements and the statement to apply the ACL to the interface. Show which router and which interface will have the ACL.
1. Users connecting from the internet should be able to access the Web Server using the browser but should not be able to access any other node or network using any other protocol. Replies to requests from company users should be permitted. No other connections should be permitted.
2. Users on Bob’s network should be able to browse the internet using http and ftp and access any server except the SQL server on Router C LAN.
3. Amy only should be able to Telnet to any node on the Server Network excluding the SQL server, however no other user from any network should be able to telnet to the Server Network. Users on Amy’s network can access Bob’s LAN and ping the servers in the Router C LAN including the SQL Server. No other protocols can be used to forward to the SQL server.

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