IT 330 Database Design and Management –

IT 330 Database Design and Management
Critical Read, Review Description, attached documents and Follow Instructions. Thoroughly discuss and answer all Questions and follow steps 1-4. Kindly use follow instructions in attached document steps 1-4 to complete the assignment. Apply Grade rubric.
4-1 Lab 4
Now that you have your design elements in place, start on the implementation phase. Refer to the attached Lab 4: Intro SQL document to complete this lab exercise.
1. Confirm the AdventureWorks2012 database is attached. If the database is not attached, follow these steps to place the database in the engine::
a. Create a new folder called DBs on the C: drive
b. Go to:
c. Locate and download the “” file
d. Decompress the downloaded file. The will create a folder called “AdventureWorks2012_Data” that contains the following files:

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