It’s about martin luther king ( letter from Birmingham Jail) –

It’s about martin luther king ( letter from Birmingham Jail)
First of all, I am international student. So please try to keep the essay not professional with a lot of academic words. Try to keep it normal as a normal student because my professor knows writing. I don’t use a lot of high level academic word. On the other hand the ideas have to be connect.
It’s about martin luther king ( letter from Birmingham Jail) and my class is First year seminar. I am a freshman.
So the the king letter end in paragraph number 47 because we use a book call (a world of ideas). I will attach the king letter (pictures). Also I will attach the instructions that the professor gave us. You well find it in the attachment.
It’s supposed to be 900 words but I want it 1100 word because I am late.
The instructions are clear in the attachment.
For me I want in the beginning of the essay to take some thing that the king said and reference it in witch paragraph is it and explain it( pick up any one you like) but at least 2 reference have to be in my essay.
For the second part of the instructions I want to talk about slavery in United States in martin luther king time ; I want to connect it to another class I take which, is American government. In that class we took half of the semester talking about slavery in USA in the past. So I want to mention that class in the last part in the essay and connect it to the hardships that martin luther king had or how was his situation or how black people was treat( like I feel what the kings feel to know what strong words he used) ( words power..etc)
So please I want to you to say that I am taking America government course that we study about slavery And I can imagine what the king was talking about…etc or in another class I did study about slavery …etc.
Also, I want you to know that the king wrote this letter to the religion men to solve the problems and I want you to write how much he was respectful and patient even with his enmities.
And how much his words was strong and effective.
Because all what our class about the meaning and understanding the text.
And please don’t write martin , call him the king. Because our professor always call him the king by his last name.
and I don,t know what does mean (Paper citation style:) I just want a normal essay

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