Its in order description, subject name is environmental politics and management, based in melbourne –

Its in order description, subject name is environmental politics and management, based in melbourne
Order Description
The Task:
Using scholarly sources, prepare an essay that does the following:
1. Select an environmental conflict:
• You should ensure that there is sufficient tension in this conflict such that there are divergent views from a range of actors
• You may use the same one as your stakeholder map (see “Overlap” note below);
2. Using two or more of the conceptual themes of the course explain:
(a) why is there a conflict and how is the conflict constructed and understood (33% of marks)
(b) what are some of the key options/solutions discussed by stakeholders to address thee conflict and why do you think they have been chosen (33% of marks)
(c) what you think the best response is to the conflict and why (draw on scholarly sources or theories to support this) (34% of marks).
Additional Details
The conceptual themes of the course were laid out in Weeks 1-4 of the lectures and are:
1) Knowledge (social construction of environmental problems)
2) Actors and Agency
3) Political economy and institutions
4) Governance
You might consider explaining the following (this is not an exhaustive list):
• Who are the key actors in the environmental conflict;
• How do different actors frame the environmental issue in different
ways and the effects of this;
• The assumptions and values that underpin these framings;
• The social, cultural, political or economic structures or institutions
that shape the conflict;
• The strategies for governing the problem that have been tried and
new approaches that might enable better outcomes;
• The values and goals that underpin the proposed solutions;
• Who stands to win and lose from past and proposed response/s;

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