java assignment 37

Animal Shelter:

You are a volunteer for the local animal shelter. You are working on a program that will track expenses for the shelter’s animals. By the final deadline you are to complete a portion of the program (a prototype) that will calculate food expenses for seven types of animals. The shelter can only house three animals of each type.

For each animal, collect: name of animal, animal location (example: A12), and pounds of food consumed.

User input.

  • Volunteers will be able to enter the type of animal, its location and food consumed for each of the three animals of that type.
    • Animal
    • Location
    • Food consumed
  • Repeat until all 7 types of animals have been entered.


  • The program can show a list of all animals.
    • Then, show this data for the 3 animals of the same type
      • Which animal of the three ate the most? (location, amount)
      • Which animal of the three ate the least? (location, amount)
    • Show average food consumption for each of the 7 types of animals.
      • (type, amount)
    • Animal output is to be grouped by the 7 types of animals
  • Show total food consumption for all 21 animals.


  • ask – would the volunteer like to:
    • Enter different animals?
    • Change data for any specific animal
    • If done, exit


  • Follow best practice throughout.
  • Create two or more class files.
  • Use getter and setter methods.
  • Set up and use constructors.
  • Program must be explained at start
  • User instructions must be clear
  • Code must have meaningful comments throughout.

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