Kevin Plank: Founder, CEO, and Board Chair of Under Armour

1. According to Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory of Motivation, was Mr. Plank’s motivation to create a new category of performance apparel driven my extrinsic (hygiene) factors or intrinsic (motivator) factors?

2. According to McClelland’s Manifest Theory of Motivation, people are motivated by the need for achievement, power and affiliation. Which was these needs would you attribute to Mr. Plank. If you were to rank them in order of significance to Mr. Plank, which will be first, second and third?

3. What’s the evidence in the case that job enrichment is a key part of the way work is done at Under Armour?

4. Between transformational, charismatic and transactional leadership theories, which of one of these best describes Kevin Plank? Why?

5. Based on passive, aggressive and assertive behavior, what type of behavior do you think Kevin Plank has, given the case narrative on him?

6. The Big Five Model of Personality categorizes traits into the dimensions of surgency, agreeableness, adjustment, conscientiousness and open to experience. Which of these dimensions can you attribute to Kevin Plank? Justify your response with evidence?

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