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Write a 4-5 page, 12 point font, double-spaced, research paper on an architect, design theme, set of buildings or architectural concept related to the study of Los Angeles. Some possible themes and architects are listed below, but you may make up your own topic. You may use the required readings from class, but must also find at least two additional scholarly sources for your essay. You may use other sources such as magazines and newspapers, but to get full credit at least two of your additional sources must be academic or scholarly books or journal articles. You must included images (color preferably) that are numbered to correspond to figure numbers in your text. The essay must have endnotes (when you are quoting or citing sources) and a bibliography that conform to Chicago Manual style. See this link for information on Chicago Manual style citation format.…

Churches ideas:

Richard Neutra’s Drive-In Church

Wayfarers Chapel

Saint Basil Catholic Church

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

Course Book:

Reyner Banham, Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies (reprint UC Press, 2009—originally published in 1971)

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