lab report 85

I need simple , Lab report format: Your lab report should include the following:

1. Front cover: front cover shall contain a. Name b. my ID c. Lab Partners d. Date (Lab performed) e. EE 282 (with day and time)

2. Objective: Clearly state the objective of the laboratory in your own words.

3. Procedure: Provide a summary of the procedure used in the lab. Do not copy the procedure from the lab manual. Any change in the procedure while conducting the lab to the procedure given in the lab manual should be noted

4. Recorded Data: Whenever possible use tables and figures to provide all the recorded data. The lab instructor may request that a student repeat the lab if any of the required data are missing.

5. Post Lab: If post lab questions are given they must be answered in this section. These shall be answered after the lab is over.

6. Conclusion: A brief conclusion shall be presented by the student. The conclusion should

be based on the observations and recorded data.

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