law case help 4

there is a total of 62 cases in the attached document from chapters 1 to 6

please write some sentences about each case in particular, including a small summary, who is suing who, what is the foundation of the case (issue) and what was the court’s decision (holdings).

probably you will have to write around 20 pages double spaced.

i will need an update for the done work every day until deadline (in 5 days).

Hi there,

Please see the attached for the document. I need help from chapter 1 to 6 and write case summary for each case. Please include four parts in the case.

The summary of the case

facts: who suing whom and for what

Issue: a legal question which is the foundation of a case. It requires a court’s decision.

Holdings: a court’s determination of a matter of law based on the issue presented in the particular case.

Please keep all the cases to one file.

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