law enforcement capstone

Question Description

Study the following case and answer the questions at the end in 1-2 pages.

FTO Gone BadFinally, you are feeling pretty comfortable in your Field Officer Training. After all of the trials of school, testing, application, hiring and now field training, you are finally starting to feel somewhat comfortable with your new career.The badge is still shiny and the duty belt is still a bit stiff, but you feel like you know what you are doing in your job. You have just entered the third phase of your field training, and you get to see what an overnight shift is like. In this department it is called “dogwatch,” but hopefully it doesn’t live up to its name and there is a bit more action than dog barking calls!Your field training officer is Patrol Officer Jimmy. He has been with this department for nearly 20 years, and he has a minimum of seven left before retirement. To make things worse, he was placed on dogwatch for reasons other than desire, and he became a FTO after utilizing union representation when he was passed over the first time. Basically the department felt he wasn’t the quality they desired; however, because of seniority he obtained the position after filing a grievance.This is your first night on patrol with Jimmy. You hit two coffee stops, and a gas station. At the gas stations, FTO Jimmy flirted with the cashier for 30 minutes before walking out with two of the fresh doughnuts. During this time, Jimmy managed to avoid every domestic call other than those where partners called for help.After your fifth shift with FTO Jimmy, all with similar levels of activity, your superior Patrol sergeant wants to have a word with you. She asks you into her office right after roll call and asks you to sit down.

How would you answer the following questions? (Be sure to mention the reasoning for answering the way you do, and the factors you must consider.)

The sergeant says, “I have noticed that your activity has been rather low since coming to dogwatch. Are there any problems that I should be aware of, or do you have any questions regarding our expectations?”

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