leadership assignment complete business model and write 2 short essays 2pages each

You will have to do the business model for question 1. then write an essay about it (1.5-2pages double space) if you borrow ideas, cite, quote…etc must have reference or citation. format MLA or Chicago is fine. I will have sample about business table for you to take a look. in The essay you must mention some key words we use in this course. I will post lecture slides about it so you will know what we study in this class. THEY WILL CHECK PLAGIARISM, SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

The rest are question 2,3,4 you will pick only one topic you confident with to write. Same thing, you must let me know which question you want to pick so I can deliver all the material need for you. Also, have to mention key concepts of this course as well. (1.5 to 2 pages double space) reference/citation if need. THEY WILL CHECK PLAGIARISM, SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

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