legacy systems

Legacy systems can become sources of interpersonal conflict within and across organizations especially when the legacy systems have little to no security features built into them but, at the same time provide critically needed support to business operations.

A risk assessment can be used to reduce interpersonal conflict by providing an objective evaluation of the risks associated with continuing to use legacy IT systems. The objective evaluation can then also be used to develop strategies for addressing security risks associated with the legacy systems (accept, mitigate, transfer, avoid). Sometimes, interpersonal conflict between managers and between executives can arise because the individuals involved are concerned about potential impacts upon their customers. Thus, it is important to consider how a company’s approach to legacy systems (keep / toss) will affect its customer base and ability to continue operations without interruption.

1. Prepare an argument that supports the “decommissioning” of legacy IT systems. (Decommissioning a legacy system can be a form of risk avoidance.) In your argument, identify and discuss two or more security related issues which could be used to justify using this strategy (decommissioning legacy IT systems) to address risk.

2. Next, prepare a counter argument for those same issues (argue against decommissioning). Your counter argument should use one or more of the remaining risk management strategies (accept, mitigate, transfer). Make sure that your selected strategies are also cost-effective or at least cost-neutral (no additional costs).

You may use legacy IT systems as discussed in one of the case studies from this course as the starting point for your response.

Be creative with your answers.

Answer all questions


1.) APA Format

2.) Use any factual sources you may like

3.)Cite Sources

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