Legal Application for employment –

Legal Application for employment
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Dear all,
I applied for a legal job, in the position of Trademark/ Legal Assistant Role, and the employer asked me to fill in the application for employment form. They provided 4 specific questions;
1. In the job posting you will have seen a person specification describing the skills and attributes we require for the job for which you are applying. For each skill or attribute, please give an example from your past experience (educational, voluntary or in work) demonstrating how you successfully carried out a similar responsibility.
2. Why do you feel that you are the right person for this position?
3. Describe your work style.
4. What is the importance of a brand? What is the importance of a domain name to a brand owner?
Please kindly answering the question mentioned above as I’d like to explain more detail.
Q1…. I’d like you to answer the question based on my CV(attached) and any other details which can support me in the position I applied for.
Q2… Please kindly write me in outstanding information which is support me to be a Trademark/ Legal Assistant Role, Based on my CV and your excellent knowledge related to the role.
Q3… Please kindly describe my work style as suitable in the role I applied for.
Q4….Please kindly explain in short essay.
Thank you very much indeed for your kindly help and support.

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