Legal Memo –

Topic: Legal Memo
Paper details:
Legal Memo: describing the legal issues at stake, and how the case could be decided by a court of law. You should use the following outline:
1)Describe the legal issues presented by the hypothetical. There may be several issues at stake in the fact situation. Each issue should be summarized in a one-sentence question (example: “Is an advertisement that includes the words ‘first come first served’ an offer?”).
2)Discuss each legal issue in the problem separately. The discussion should refer to legal authorities studied in class (e.g., cases from the text, references in the appendices, and clear statements of the law from the authors). Ambitious groups may also refer to legal authorities on the Internet. This discussion should be objective, not biased toward either side.
3)Conclusion in which you predict the outcome for your client if the case went to court.
All written assignments must be typed and meet the following standards:
• One-inch margins on all four sides;
• Double-spaced type, with paragraph breaks clearly marked;
• Page numbers on all but the first page

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