literature project 1

This project consists of two parts, Part A and Part B, each worth 50 points for a total of 100 points. Note that grammar, spelling, and proper citation of sources are important for this project. It should be a total of 600 words for each.

For Part A. Consider this lesson to choose the work

This lesson will discuss a story called “What’s in a Name?” by Jialin Peng. Jialin was born in China in 1948. He grew up during a time of cultural instability and political upheaval. The Cultural Revolution in China had a strong impact on the life of Jialin, and those experiences are reflected in his writing. He tells his stories in a rather light hearted manner, but there is a deeper meaning behind his words. People who did not support the cause of revolution were social outcasts, and they were sometimes imprisoned and executed for holding the “wrong” political views. Many of these experiences are shared in Jialin’s book Wild Cat: Stories of the Cultural Revolution.

See attached file for more details

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