Literature Review and Shared Knowledge Poster and Presentation –

Literature Review and Shared Knowledge Poster and Presentation
Details of task: The aim of this task is to expose students to the thinking about what is effective performance management and staff development strategies. This will include the opportunity to observe the perceptions and ideas of others presenting similar material. The assessment is based primarily on the written component, however as shared learning is an important concept, aspects of the topic and the literature are presented to the class for discussion via a 5 minute poster presentation.
Shared learning: Each student is to choose an article and present an individual poster session. This session will outline the theme of the article and the critical points that it makes. The student must be prepared to answer questions put to them by the lecturer and the class. Questions raised about the poster presentation could range from the relevant theories involved, perceived implications, personal impression and/or the personal learning obtained. You may use the work of other writers to illustrate, support or criticise the article under discussion.
This is essentially an informal discussion session of no more than 5 mins. Marks will be deducted if presentations exceed 5 minutes. Students should prepare a poster of a size big enough to be seen within 2/3 metres. The content of the poster should reflect the content or intent of their article. This will be discussed further in class. The assessment is based on the individual’s poster content, presentation and answers to questions which will be assessed by the lecturer.
Written Review
The student must submit a paper for assessment which includes the following: In approximately 2,000 words complete a review of their article which addresses the following
1. Title, author, date and journal
2. A summary of the main points of the article – approx. 150 words, which includes an overview of the argument and/or topic and the perspectives taken
3. Other authors or theoretical perspectives that are aligned with the article or oppose the ideas or findings in the article. This should be the main body of the literature review, about 1500 – 1600 words
4. The learning that you have received from the article
5. Comments – positive and/or negative – you may have in addition to those raised by other theorists
6. Short conclusion
7. Reference page
Remember – A literature review is not the re-telling of what is in the article you presented. It is about comparing and contrasting the main points in the article you choose with the opinions, findings, research, and ideas of other researchers. A minimum of 5 other references should be incorporated into the review and included in the reference list at the end of the review. so u can choose the article about performance management and work on it as the task details management.

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