lobbying and public policy making

*Topic: politics: lobbying and public policy making

 *5 pages book review  based on your reading of  ((K. Godwin, A. Ainsworth, E. Godwin, Lobbying and Public Policy Making.  CQ Press/Sage, 2013.  ISBN 9781604264692.))

*The major topics of the paper should be about Answering  the following questions:

1. Discuss the case for “Neopluralism” as best for understanding interest group influence. Page 139, 140 to page 150
2. Discuss the three major activities of lobbyists. Page 2 to page 7
3. Discuss interest group strategies for influencing the regulatory process (4 strategies) . Page 98 to page 107

* 5 pages ,double space , MLA format, font size 12,

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