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Lord Dunmore and enslaved people in Virginia 1775-1776
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I am a British student and the name of this module is Great Britain and the American colonies 1760-1776. This is my final year dissertation which is really important. The dissertation topic is Lord Dunmore and enslaved people in Virginia 1775-1776. This is an academic essay so it cannot be narrative and please this needs loads of Primary sources and secondary. Without Primary sources I cannot get a first.
I will upload a preliminary plan which is just an idea and also every Friday I would like the writer to upload what he has done so far so I can print and show my tutor to gain advice. The main objective of this project is to show whether Lord Dunmore was a genuine liberator due to his 1775 proclamation which granted slaves freedom. Or whether he was a maverick who was just using slaves for military expediency. Of course a 10,000 word assignment cannot be rigid you may have to at some point discuss the issues with the ideas of freedom in America at this time and primary evidence of what the British thought of Dunmore’s plans and if they were successful.
There needs to be an Abstract, introduction. the abstract should be around 300-400 words and the introduction around 500-800. Then five chapters discussing different things with the last being a conclusion. As I said there needs to be relevant secondary and Primary sources to be analysed as well as used as evidence. and of course a bibliography at the end. and a table of contents at the beginning. This is really important for me so please do your best. please keep in regular contact with me so we can work on this together. But as I said every Monday I would like you to upload what you have done so I can check it as well as seek advice on my tutor if anything is missing. by the way if you need any background The books Lord Dunmore’s new world by James Corbett David is a good overview of Dunmore. Also Transcripts from the American revolution have some useful primary sources in form of letters Dunmore was sending but other relevant primary sources you will need to find.
I will upload the university guideline as well as a preliminary plan and this dissertation which has a good chapter on Dunmore proclamation. Also the preliminary plan has some good logical questions which could be used as titles for different chapters.
This has to be plagiarism free and I would like to see proof that it is plagiarism free because if it isn’t I will fail.
uploading a pre essay structure I have done. As I said this is an academic essay so it needs to have views of different historians as well as primary sources and references. If you have any questions or need help please message me. But every Monday I would like you to upload what you have done so far so I can look at your progress and as I mentioned I can print what you have done and take it to my professor for advice. and his opinions. But I reiterate Primary sources are important for this essay.

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