make excel sheets follow the requirement 1

follow the dpf, finish all of the part! thank you!

due tonight!

Part One: General Instructions for completion of the accounting cycle through an adjusted trial balance.

 Skip a line between journal entries

 Each T-account needs to have a title

 Postings to T-accounts need a date next to the dollar amount

 Accounts listed in Trial Balance and T-accounts should be arranged in the following order: assets, liabilities, owner’s equity, revenues, cost of goods sold and expenses.

 There is only one General Journal and one General Ledger (T-accounts), so don’t worry about Subsidiary Ledgers or Special Journals for this assignment.

 T-accounts should have totals

Part I

1. Prepare journal entries to record each of the transactions on the next page. You do not need to write explanations below the journal entries.

2. Create T-accounts for each account in the chart of accounts and post each of the journal entries to an existing T-account.

3. Total the T-accounts

4. Prepare an unadjusted trial balance

Part II

1. Prepare adjusting journal entries. Besides the information provided for adjusting journal entries, review the transactions and review your unadjusted trial balance for any other adjusting journal entries you may need to prepare.

2. Post the adjusting journal entries to the T-accounts you previously created.

3. Total the T-accounts

4. Prepare an adjusted trial balance

5. Prepare the following financial statements, in good form

o Multistep Income Statement (you do not need to distinguish between selling expense and general & administrative expenses)

o Statement of Owner’s Equity

o Classified Balance Sheet

6. Prepare closing entries

7. Prepare a post closing trial balance

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