man3600 002 international business paper about the international business environment

Topics: Political Systems and Risks, Legal Systems or Cultural Differences

1) Format.

Front page plus a minimum of 3 pages of text, double spaced, font Times Roman 12, margins 1 inch from each side, eventual graphs and tables in additional pages. From the 3-page paper, please use just the first half page to provide a brief summary of the selected article and that is all about summarizing the article.
REMARK: Please pay attention on this last sentence; in the past semesters 80% of the papers were nothing else that 3-page summaries of the articles and these papers got all below C- grade.

2) Topic

The topic has to be related to one of the classes covered by the exam which grade you are trying to replace. The specific topic will be chosen by you based on a recent (maximum 3 years old) international business-related article (*) from the following four sources: The Economist, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and Financial Times. For example, if you are trying to replace low grade you got on Exam 1 and you start browsing one of the four sources and in The New York Times from 9/26/16 you find the article about the lawsuit of American investors against Argentina. It would be a valid article since the broad topic is International Legal System that was covered in the material for Exam 1.

3) Content.

The paper is not supposed to be a summary of the article, but it has to be a development of the topic approached in the article. It may have the format of comments and critiques, but never a summary or mere repetition of the concepts and ideas presented in the article. The paper must be a DISCUSSION of the article in view of the material you have learned in this course. I want to see your critical thinking about the topic and the content of the article: your comments, opinions, etc, but always supported by some material. I do NOT want to see comments like “I liked the article,” or “I think that the article is wrong” unsupported. However, you may write something like “I think that the article is wrong because our textbook says …..” or “because our lectures say ….,” or still “because there is an article in ….. newspaper such and such saying the contrary.” Then, you may develop your ideas. For example, let us assume that you chose an article about Brexit that says that it will not have major impact on the business in Europe. Then, you may write your paper showing that it is wrong because after the U.K. leaves the EU there will be tariffs being charged on both sides and there will be a problem of U.K. citizens working in EU that most likely will lose their work visas, etc, etc. And support your reasoning either by our EU class notes, or articles from other sources.

4) Submission.

Please submit the hard copy of the paper either in class or put it in my mailbox in the Management Programs department office on the 2nd floor of Desantis Pavilion by 12/11/20195:00 PM at latest – papers delivered after this deadline will not be considered. Please attach the article that is the basis of your paper and write on the top of the first page what exam grade you are trying to replace.

(*) Article must be from the full edition of the newspaper, not from journal blogs, or comments, or electronic journal emails. Also interviews and comments on books will not be accepted as articles. Articles and cases posted in Canvas will not be accepted.

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